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About Us

The Family Peace Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to assisting individuals who have been victimized as a result of a crime or tragic circumstance. Our foundation works in partnership with police, emergency personals, and other community-based services to ensure victims receive the help they need to assist them in the development of their path to recovery. 

We offer to our domestic violence victims and human sex trafficking victims emergency crisis relocation into our safe houses and in our safe havens with a 30-day empowerment program. A Protection and secured transportation team will be protecting the victims. Family Peace Foundation is committed to providing caring, skilled, and effective service delivery with courtesy, compassion, and respect.  

Our objectives include lessening the trauma of being victimized by providing an immediate supportive response. Helping the victim cope with the impact of the crime and/or tragic circumstance. Empowering the victim by providing them with information and safe options. Encouraging the victim to connect with the appropriate community services and with our 30-day program.

Our Mission

Family peace foundation Is providing safe houses for emergency crisis relocation and safe havens for the domestic violence victims and human sex trafficking victims to relocate safely and is protected with a 30 days empowerment program that consists of

  • Emotional support and counselling

  • Liaisons to community programs 

  • Crisis avoidance

  • Life management and budgeting

  • Referral to career programs

  • Street survival and self-defence training

  • Personal and family safety awareness

  • Motivational coaching

  • Self-empowerment training

  • Equine Therapy

Our Vision

We are working with organizations that support domestic violence victims and human sex trafficking victims. In relocating and protecting their victims in need of safe houses and safe-havens. We are working together as a whole community to end Domestic Violence and Human Sex Trafficking.