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Our Team

Eric Brisson


Executive Director

I was working on a case that involved a victim who had a life-threatening and child kidnapping situation. The victim and her family had no financial means to pay for the services of a safe house. The victim and her child were at high potential risk. This case broke my heart. I felt the need to help and protect the victims. As a community, as a country, we must help the domestic violence victims and human trafficking victims in crisis by protecting them, relocating them into a safe environment for them to have a better future for themselves and their children. That's where the idea Family Peace Foundation came to be.

Mr. Brisson experience includes: 

24 years of experience in logistics transportation throughout North America 

7 years experience in the security, protection, investigation industry. 

Executive chauffeur for various embassies delegation and secure transportation.

Certification in surveillance, counter-surveillance, executive protection, technical surveillance, countermeasures, and much more.

Angelo M. Marino 

Vice President 

Director of Operation & Programs

Angelo Marino completed a Master of Science in Policing and Social Conflict and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

Possessing a strong and diversified background in both the public and private sectors of the security world, 

Mr. Marino's Experience Includes:

32 years as a Personal Protection Specialist having escorted clients to and from various Canadian, U.S., Central, and South American, European, and African destinations. 27 years as a Law Enforcement, Security and Protection Trainer and Educator. 8 years as a Corporate Risk and Security Manager. 17 years as Commander of an International Network of Specialized Security and Protection Trainers and Operatives. 7 years as a Patrolman for a Municipal Department of Public Safety. 15 years as a High-Risk Cargo Protection Officer. 7 years as Coordinator of Special Operations. Angelo Marino has trained over 5000 security, police, and military personnel. While remaining very active in both Public and Private Security for over 32 years.

Mr. Marino is considered to be one of Canada’s most renowned Specialists and Master Instructors in the fields of Executive and Dignitary Protection, High-Risk Cargo Protection, Airport, and Seaport Security and Tactical Field Operations.

Having worked in over 45 countries to this date, Mr. Marino has directed and animated a variety of training stages for many security and law enforcement agencies both locally and internationally and has personally trained the Presidential Security Details of two countries.

Angelo M. Marino was awarded the “Citizenship Achievement Award’’ for outstanding service to community and country, by the House of Commons in Canada. 

He presently serves as Special Advisor to the President of L’ École National de la Police Municipal (ENPM) in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, and is an active member of The International Police Association (IPA)

In April of 2015, Mr. Marino received The distinction of International Protection, Security, and Safety Advisor (IPSSA) by the Aotearoa Maori Nation of New Zealand.

In January of 2018, Mr. Marino was appointed to the Board of Advisors of Advanced Warning Systems Inc. 

Jean-François Clark

Directors of Building and Facilities Operations

Mr. Clark started his career with EMCO Distribution in Ottawa from 1985 to 1995. In 1995 after working in all the departments, they transferred him to the headquarters in London, Ontario as a Technical Support Analyst. After working in the position for 5 years Mr. Clark became the supervisor of the department.

In 2002, Mr. Clark took a new position as a Controller / Manager for over 3 of the largest plumbing contractors in the Ottawa area for Plomberie Seguin Plumbing Inc. He held the position from 2002 till 2012. 

From 2012 to 2015, Mr. Clark transferred to Lefèvre Electrique as a manager of the residential electrical division and founded the plumbing division (Camec Plumbing).

In 2015 with another business partner, they founded a new business for the import and export of spicy sauces products but ended in 2017.

In 2017 Mr. Clark relocated to Fergus, Ontario, where he created Fergus Mobile Services. Mr. Clark has operated this company since and has been continuing to grow successfully.

Master Sifu Daniele Lolli 

Director of Martial Arts & Executive Training Programs 

MASTER Daniele Lolli is very passionate about helping others of all ages. His mission in life is to give Empowerment and Martial Arts Education to Everyone.


KARATE - CHITO-RYU STYLE  (1973 -1993) 

Blackbelt 2nd Degree

KUNGFU - WING CHUN STYLE (1993 to Present)

Certification - GOLD SASH 2007

 MASTER Daniele Lolli teaches and demonstrates at various seminars in Canada and abroad. He provided Security Protection at numerous special events, He also provides private classes, one on one, and coed groups. MASTER Daniele Lolli provides Self-Defence Programs for Empowering Women and children.  MASTER Daniele Lolli also Providing Executive Training Programs for Executive Personnel (President, Vice President, security, etc..) and Martial Arts Executive Sports Programs for Elite and Novice Athletes of all ages.

Stephanie Tyo

Chief Marketing Officer

Ms. Tyo understands the complicated systems for victims that seek justice and peace within their selves. She understands the trauma and mental health of the victims. Ms. Tyo was a past victim of abuse herself, and she brings her voice to us and to many others who cannot speak for themselves. She understands the devastating impact and feelings of our clients. Ms. Tyo is a strong advocate for change and awareness. Ms. Tyo knowledge, understanding, special training, and educational background is an asset to the Victims that seek our help. She also believes in education, training, experience, and research is key to what we do. 

Mireille Gravel

Director of Eque​strian Operations

Mireille Gravel is a greatly renowned and distinguished Equestrian Trainer and Competitor whose reputation spans Canada and the USA.

Ms. Gravel’s experience includes over 30 years of equine breeding, and conformation moulding, as well as the equivalent number of years in training and competition in the following disciplines; 

Western saddle, English saddle, Hunter jumper,

Extreme cowboy, and both Single and combined carriage driving.

In addition to her years in the equestrian world, Mireille has been active in various aspects of the security and protection industries for over 20 years. Ms. Gravel’s versatile field experience has allowed her to merge 2 existences she is very passionate about and her students ultimately reap the benefits.